Urodynamic Testing in Hartford, CT

When you have urinary tract problems such as uncontrollable leaking, difficulty urinating, or incomplete emptying of your bladder, chances are you need urodynamic testing to determine the cause of your symptoms. At Pregenzer Urology Dr. Gerard Pregenzer performs comprehensive urodynamic testing on-site so he can quickly diagnose the problem and start customized treatment to restore normal urination. If you have questions about your urinary tract symptoms and would like to schedule a consultation at our urology clinic in Enfield and West Hartford, CT, please call (860) 962-6600 or request an appointment online.

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What is urodynamic testing?

Urodynamic testing refers to a group of studies that evaluate the function of your lower urinary tract, which includes your bladder, urinary sphincter, and urethra.

Dr. Pregenzer uses the information from your urodynamic testing to diagnose urinary problems and determine the source of your urinary symptoms.

What symptoms indicate I may need urodynamic studies?

You may need urodynamic studies when you:

  • Have uncontrollable urine leakage
  • Can’t completely empty your bladder
  • Need to use the bathroom often
  • Need to urinate very urgently
  • Have a weak urine flow
  • Have trouble with a urine flow that stops and starts
  • Get frequent urinary tract infections

Dr. Pregenzer may ask you to keep track of all your symptoms for a few days. These details, which many people don’t remember without writing them down, often provide clues that point toward the underlying cause of your symptoms.

What are the different types of urodynamic studies?

Urodynamic studies include a variety of tests. Dr. Pregenzer decides which ones to perform based on your symptoms.

These are the most common urodynamic studies:


Uroflowmetry tests for a weak bladder muscle or obstructed urine flow by measuring urine speed and volume.


During this test, the pressure inside your bladder is measured, which helps to detect bladder capacity (how much it can hold), how much pressure builds up as it stores urine, and how full it is when you get the urge to urinate.

Electromyography (EMG)

An EMG measures nerve signals in bladder muscles. This test reveals if your urinary problems are related to nerve or muscle damage.

Pressure flow study

This test measures the urine flow rate and bladder pressure as you urinate. The results indicate how well your bladder muscles work.

Urethral pressure profile

A urethral pressure profile tests the strength of the urethra by measuring pressure in the narrow tube.

Measurement of postvoid residual

Dr. Pregenzer inserts a catheter or uses ultrasound imaging to see how much urine stays in the bladder after you urinate.

Voiding cystourethrogram

This is an imaging test that shows the lower urinary tract while the bladder is filled and emptied.

Multi-channel video urodynamics

Using X-rays or ultrasound, Dr. Pregenzer performs real-time imaging that shows the entire lower urinary tract during filling and emptying.

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